Thursday, August 3, 2017

Drying My Tears - This Book Is My Baby!

I have been writing (and rewriting) this book, Drying My Tears, for close to 18 months, and yesterday I hit the PUBLISH button.  In all honesty it was like sending my only child off to college.  (On second thought, I should liken it to sending an only child off to boarding school as a kindergartner, because by the time my daughters went off to college I practically kicked them out of the house )  How could I possibly send my baby out into that big world and leave her open to criticism and reviews?

Drying My Tears recounts the story of my family's encounters with autoimmune diseases  and shares my experiences with complementary medicine.  It also serves as a sort of intimate journal, for in it, I have been very frank about what it is like to live with autoimmunity.  Did I reveal too much of myself?  Too little? A memoir like this is a funny thing.  It's personal by its very nature.

I believe I may be shivering. . .

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