Saturday, January 13, 2018

Alexa and Alzheimer's

We all know that I've become undun, or you wouldn't be here.  So it should not be a surprise to any of us that I've become insane as well

You've all heard of Alexa.   And if, by chance, you haven't watched this hilarious skit on Saturday Night Live, watch it now.

The problem is, I think I'm worse than the "silver" people they portray in the skit.

Yes, I've forgotten Alexa's name from time to time.  When I've had her set an alarm for me I've forgotten the word "snooze" and tried to use the words "rest" or "wait" or "sleep."   I've consistently messed up my request for podcasts, tune-in, or audible; but still I find her very useful - especially to reduce strain on my dry eyes.   I use her to read my books to me.  I listen to her cable news instead of watching it.   I have taken to using her music feature by creating many complicated playlists, and - when I wake up during the night - I always ask her what time it is.  (Now, I know you're thinking, "Why can't she just look at a clock?" But, sadly, she can't look at a clock because her eyes are blurry from the gel drops used at night and sleeping goggles placed on top of them.)

Considering all of this, is it any surprise to you that I made the following two mistakes?

  1. When attempting to call the dog inside, I reached my head outside of the door and called, "Alexa!"
     2. When attempting to ask Alexa a question, I yelled out, "Jesus?" 

Do you see anything odd about these two incidents?

Honestly, now tell me. . . .  Do you??????