Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Lucky Number 45

I am one of seven siblings, so through the years I have acquired a rather large extended family.   Wait just a minute while I count them.


44.  There are 44 of us.  We just gained another this past weekend. So that comes to a grand total of 45 siblings, spouses, nieces, nephews, and their own spouses and children.  It's a lot to fit into a house at Christmastime.  A lot to host a barbecue for in your backyard.   It's quite a few more than you would like to know your business.  And quite often I complain and shy away from large family gatherings; for they make me feel claustrophobic, anxious, and unsettled.  I confess right now that I don't often appreciate the fact that I come from a large horde. .  .clan. .  .tribe.

Until it really matters.

Until we are all sitting together in a church for a funeral or out on the dance floor at a wedding.  THEN it hits me and I realize the truth of the old adage that the whole really is bigger than the sum of its parts. I feel part of something very big, and vibrant, and special.

This past weekend was very special in that way.  My goddaughter got married, and so we traveled 16 hours each way (that's 32 hours in total) to get to the destination 696 miles away, spent 5 nights away from home in 3 different hotels, (not to mention close to $1,000) and drank numerous glasses of pinot grigio, just to join the other 44 family members in welcoming number 45 into the family.

Lucky number 45!

The next road trip is to Annapolis for another niece's baby shower because number 46 is due before long!