Monday, September 2, 2019

Summer: Good Riddance

I haven’t spoken of Exit 25 in quite a while.   The fact is that something has happened to squelch my love of this town and this house.  The further fact is that something happened to squelch my love of summer.

Heat.  And lung disease.   And nausea and stomach issues.  And fatigue.  And sweat.  And anxiety.  And sun sensitivity.

Last summer I was all about tree hugging and forest bathing and swimming pools.  This summer I was instead about pulmonary rehab and toilets.

So here I sit at the “shore” saying good bye to a summer I could just as well lived without.   I walked the half block to the beach and stuck my toes in the sand this morning just to say I did it.   Once.   And now I watch the crowds leave in a mass exodus and think to myself.   “Good Riddance!”