Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Report on the family dinner

It's the family dog reporting here. . .

People, let's not sugar-coat this stuff anymore.

Last night's "family" dinner was a bust!

I smelled plenty of good food . . . chicken . . . pasta . . . toasted pine nuts. . . the distinctive aroma of asparagus. . . but yet I detected very little in the way of conversation.

And when it came time for clean up?

It seems that those two teenager girls rejected my offer to lick the plates clean (only trying to do my part here) but yet didn't want to do it themselves!

Well, my friends, that's when the proverbial fur started flying!!!

But no food!
Now, I ask you . . . what use is a good old-fashioned fight without some food flying through the air???? Do they not know I'm there to catch anything that comes my way?

Why are these people so wrapped up in themselves????

I don't get it.

I just don't get it. . .

Do you think we'll make it 'til Thursday??? I heard some crazy statement that those teenagers would have to prepare the next family dinner themselves! Then the food will fly. . . .