Monday, December 15, 2008

I Survived the Weekend in Spite of My Teenage Daughters

My friends. . .

Not only did I survive the weekend in spite of my teenage daughters, I dare say I was close to being bored!

Let's review the criteria once again and see what qualifies. . .

  • No phone calls from the local police - check.
  • No "incidents" to raise our car insurance rates - check again (and I even got brave enough to to let permit daughter drive to Target with me.)
  • No trips to the Emergency Room - Check! Check! Check!
  • Every water bottle on the premises was found to contain H2O and not Vodka - well, I'm not sure I sniffed every water bottle in the house, but the dog brought a few of them upstairs from the basement (my husband wants to let everyone know that it is no longer called the playroom - for boys and girls no longer "play" down there) and those bottles were clean. . .
  • Miscellaneous out-of-pocket withdrawals from parents totaled less than $100. (We were in Target, remember. . . she just tagged along for the driving experience, it's not like she would ever shop there. . . .)
  • No unauthorized use of credit cards - I saw that child take that card from my wallet to buy the present for her boyfriend with my own two eyes, so I guess - in effect - I authorized it.
  • Total of all iTune debits less than $10 - check.
  • No interesting "discoveries" found while dumpster diving through piles of clothing on bedroom floors - I took one look at that room and decided it was a dumpster that even I couldn't dive in. . . may the evidence within rest in peace, or perhaps bubble to the surface another day.
  • No truancy, detention, deficiency, unpaid ticket or license-revoked notices received in the mail - in all honesty, the weekend's mail is still out in the mailbox. . .

and last, but certainly not least,

  • No . . . . I hate you's!

Didn't I tell you????? B O R I N G !!!

But don't worry folks. College girl is coming home tomorrow (or is it Friday??? Well, it's one or the other) and I'm sure things will pick up then.

And, Daughter Number 1. . . in case you're reading my blog in the middle of exams. . . you had better make sure those solo's you "borrowed" from permit daughter during Thanksgiving break make their way home again - for if not - I'm worried about your personal safety and the first and third items on the above list!