Friday, December 12, 2008

Conversations with my teenage daughters - Part 3

This one needs to be subtitled,

I'm 18 in case you didn't notice. . . .
I have it all under control, Mom!

Last Thursday evening. . . .

Me: How was your appointment?

Her: Good.

Me: Did you make a follow-up?

Her: Yeah, next Thursday.

Me: What time?

Her: I don't know, I've got it written down.

Sunday afternoon. . .

Me: What time is that appointment on Thursday?

Her: I don't know Mom! I have it written down on the card and it's in my room.

Me: Why don't you go get it now and we'll put it on the refrigerator?

Her: Not now, Mom!

Monday evening. . .

Me: How about that appointment card???

Her: Mom!

Wednesday afternoon. . . .

Me: Did I hear you say you're babysitting tomorrow?

Her: Yeah.

Me: What time?

Her: Six 0'Clock.

Me: What time is that appointment?

Her: Stop asking me, Mom! It's like at 5:00 or 5:15. I'm 18, you know. I have it all under control!

Thursday afternoon. . . (from my sick bed, mind you. . . )

Me: Where are you going?

Her: Out with Kimmie. Mrs. M. cancelled the babysitting thing.

Me: What about that appointment? Where's the card?

Her: Would you stop asking me? I know where it is! It's right in my wallet in my room.

Thursday evening. . . (5:02 p.m. to be exact. . . . )

Me: What are you doing in your sister's room?

Her Sister: She texted me and wants me to find out what time her appointment is.

Me: So what time is the appointment?

Her Sister: Now.

Me: (well the things I said don't really qualify as "conversation" for they were all one-sided expletives ##*X!!#!%**!!##*!)

Thursday evening. . . (5:14 to be exact. . . )

Her: Mom! Do you think I have time to still go?

Me: I doubt it, but you can call and find out.

Her: Call?
I can't call! I don't know how to call!!!!
You have to call for me!
Are you saying you won't help me?
Your own daughter????

Me: (You can just repeat the expletives above. . . )