Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bathroom Etiquette - Part two

A Mom on Spin's Bathroom Etiquette as it pertains to all things bathing

  1. The bathmat rug belongs outside of the shower, not rolled up in a sopping wet ball inside of it.
  2. Once the shampoo, conditioner, body wash, acne scrub, face wash, exfoliator - or any one of the myriad of bottles of stuff you're using - is empty, reach around the corner of the shower curtain and place it in the bathroom trash receptacle.

  3. Simply throwing said container somewhere in the vicinity of the trash receptacle is not acceptable.

  4. Abstract hair art on the shower wall will never win prizes for creativity. Get rid of it!!!!

  5. If you decide on New Year's Eve to shave your legs (even if your haven't shaved them since like Halloween) you are responsible to clean up the product of your efforts.

  6. If - while showering - you find you are standing in ankle-deep water, simply reach down and pull the accumulation of your own hair from the top of the drain.
  7. Once you have done so, do not leave the giant hairball in the corner of the tub, causing your mother's fear of small rodents to be activated upon entering your bathroom.
  8. If - while showering - you somehow cannot control the urge to spit-up the contents of your breakfast, you are responsible for cleaning up breakfast (again.).
  9. If - while showering - you do not control the urge to spit-up (even if it was - as you insist - just a throw-up-hiccup-burp) consider yourself forewarned that your mother will be watching you for signs of an eating disorder

There must be more. . . . Oh, how could I forget?????

Numbers 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15!!!!!! Believe it or not, bath towels are designed to be used more than once.
You have no problem unearthing a pair of jeans from your sister's laundry hamper and skipping off to the movies. . . . Why in heaven's name would you need to use -not one but - two freshly laundered bath towels each and every day?????

Are you ready for Part three????