Thursday, January 15, 2009

"Spin" is practically my middle name!

I came across a really neat thing the other day. Jen at Sprite's Keeper does a weekly Spin Cycle thing where she gives you a topic and bloggers Spin away. . . and so, because Spin is practically my middle name, I'll give this week's topic a try. . .

What if . . .

  • No one ever invented the hair straightener?
  • Water bottles came with vodka detectors built in?
  • Teenagers were reduced to using the house phone???
  • Makeup wasn't sold at "The" mall?
  • Parents really fell for that game night crap???
  • Victoria's Secret got out?
  • Cars came without GPS systems?
  • They made teenagers clean toilets?
  • The money tree was hit by lightning?
  • Parents were able to view certain photos on their daughters' facebook pages?
  • Purple nails go out of style?
  • Sushi had never been invented?
  • Mothers learned how to operate iPods?
  • The salons run out of eyebrow wax?
  • Uggs only came in two flavors?

Tell me, dear readers, what are your What if's. . . .