Friday, March 13, 2009

Every man's dream

First and foremost. . . I want to offer up prayers and well-wishes for my friend and bloggess-guru, Braja and her husband - who were severely injured in a car accident in India. May health and healing come your way. . .

Now, on to the good stuff. . .

Phone call received at work today. . .

Meke: It's Dora's birthday today. . . I don't get it. . .but every year she expects me to go out and get her a present . . . and I just can't do it.

Me: Well what kind of present does she want?

Meke: I don't know

Me: Where is she now???

Meke: I don't know. She left.

Me: She took off in her wheelchair? Is she mad at you, Meke. . . you know, for not having a present for her???

Meke: Yup!

Me: Well, what does she like? Does she like flowers??? Chocolate???

Meke: I don't know

Me: What about jewelry? Does she like jewelry?

Meke: I don't know. I guess so. . .

Me: Well how about if I go to Walmart after I get off of work and buy her a pair of earrings and bring them to you to give to her. . . would that be okay???

Meke: Yeah.

Me: And if I get a birthday card for her. . . could you sign it?

Meke: Yeah.

Me: And if I wrapped the gift and brought it to your apartment and rang the doorbell . . . would you answer the door so you could give the gift to Dora yourself?

Meke: Yeah.

Me: Now don't forget to answer the door when I come so you can give the gift to her yourself. I don't want another repeat of the Valentine's Day fiasco. . .

Meke: I won't.

Two Hours Later. . .

Me: Well Hello Dora. Is it your birthday?

Dora: Yes

Me: Well, here's a little present for you from Meke.

Dora: Thank you.

Me: And Dora?

Dora: Yes?

Me: Make sure he signs that card I bought that says To My Wonderful Wife. . .

p.s. Did you think - for a moment - that I was talking about your "better half"??? The only difference between Meke and the average man is that he is severely disabled and - consequently - has an I.Q. of about 84. . . Happy Birthday Dora!!!!