Monday, April 27, 2009

Trust me. . . your mental health is just fine

So with all of this new-found Trust making its way through our household, Ponzi must have thought, I'm gonna get me some! because she came paddling into my room at 6:45 this morning - a teenager with a mission. . .

Ponzi: Mom, Suzie and Julie are going to the beach today. Their moms are letting them take a mental health day. Can I go with them?

Me: No

Ponzi: Why?

Me: Because I said so.

Ponzi: But why not????

Me: I don't have to explain it to you. My answer is no.

Ponzi: Why won't you tell me why not????

Me: You want an answer???? I'll give you why not. . . becauseyoujustfreakin'frackin'gotbackfromtheGDbeachyesterdaywhereyourfatherandIdroveyouagainstourbetterjudmentand youwouldn'teventellmehowtheretreatwentandifanyoneneedsamentalhealthdayit'smeforputtingupwiththelikesof you,sotrustme!yourmentalhealthisjustfine!!!!!!!!!!

At which point, Ponzi turned and stormed out of the room.

I'm sure you're all reassured to know that - when it comes to doling out permission - I haven't completely lost my marbles. . .

Oh, and p.s.??? She's gonna do it one day. . . just to let you know. . .