Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Drink. Nap. Blog.

So because of my irrational fear of small furry rodents in movie theaters I am in the middle of reading Eat. Pray. Love.

And just like Elizabeth Gilbert toyed with the idea of naming her book something else, I - too - batted around a few other names for this blog post title. . . things like. . .

Read.  Sweat.  Sleep.

Shop.  Doze.  Imbibe. 

or even . . . Spend.  Talk.  Slurp.

All because my sister pried me away from reveling in my clean, orderly, and teenager-free house in order to enjoy the last days of summer at The Jersey Shore (although if you asked me, it was something akin to a religious experience to enter Trigger and Ponzi's rooms and actually see the floor . . .) but all-the-same I thought I would share a list of the verbs that I am NOT participating in while here at Exit 25 on my mini-vaca:

Clean.  Cook. Communicate.

Whine.  Launder.  Swear.

Worry.  Wince.  Work.

Yell.  Vacuum.  Load.

Slam.  Feed.  Insomniate.

 I think you just might get the picture now. . .

Here's to those last days of summer
and a quick prayer that I don't get evacuated by Hurricane Earl. . .