Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stop the Invites!

Let's cool it on the invitations for a while, my friends.

I know that fall is almost upon us and, hence, the back-to-reality-get-togethers, birthday dinners, charity fundraisers, etc. .  .

But I need you to ask yourself one thing before you add me to your guest list for your next soiree: 

Is this particular invite helping - or hurting -
A Mom on Spin's quest
to sit on her couch and do nothing other
               but read War and Peace?

'Cause that's what it's all about my friends.  A Mom on Spin's ultimate desire to sit in my nice clean living room and devour a book. . . any book . . . depending on my current stream of interest. . .which - at this present moment - happens to be ALL THINGS RUSSIAN, and which I plan to segue into ALL THINGS BROOKLYN just as soon as I tire of Catherine the Great, Rasputin, and ALL THINGS TOLSTOY (all 4,265 pages of him!)

I'm just looking for the book entitled. . .  A Tree-Tzar Grows in St. Petersburg, and I'm there!

But by there, I mean here. .  . at home. . . in my living room. . . on my couch. . . 


Just reading.

'Cause I'm oh-so-tired of

and, p.s.?   Don't tell Drip Dry that you even THOUGHT of inviting us anywhere.   He already accuses me of being a recluse. .  .  but we know it's just a desire to be well-read.