Thursday, August 23, 2012

Happiness Is. . .

Happiness can take many forms, my friends.

We've all heard that for some, happiness is a warm blanket.

For others, it may be a good meal . . . a fine bottle of wine. . . a night spent with friends or family. . . a well-earned vacation.

And I venture to say that happiness most-always accompanies lottery winning.

And when your dog wags her tail and gives you that look of love upon your return home. . .even if you just walked to the end of the driveway to bring in the day's mail?  How can one not experience even a little bit of happiness???

But the very thing that make me do my !HAPPY DANCE! happened just a few short minutes ago. . . as I sat on my living room couch. . . in my clean house. .  . my empty house. . .with a glass of Chianti in my hand . .  . Billie Holiday on my iPod. . .War and Peace on my NOOK. . . and my favorite daughter at my side (licking my feet - a pet-a-cure you might say. . .)

For today was D-Day, my friends.

Deliverance Day.

The day that Trigger and Ponzi left the nest to return to school after a oh-so-long summer vacation.  And Drip Dry also happens to be out of the house  . . . spending the night somewhere in Virginia in his quest to drop Trigger off as early as possible so he, too, can hurry home and do his !HAPPY DANCE!.

The only thing missing is the macaroni and cheese.

Damn!  Why didn't I plan that better. . .