Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Unplugged and Undun

I'll admit it . . .

 I haven't hit the "publish" button in a while.

But don't be insulted.

I haven't turned on a t.v. . . opened my facebook page. . . tweeted. . .or watched a movie in a very, VERY long time.

I've been here all along.   I just haven't chosen to share life's innermost turmoils with you, so I disconnected my feeds and changed my privacy settings.  But now I think I'm ready to make the blog public once again so we have some serious catching-up to do. . .

Now if you had to guess. . . what do you think A Mom on Spin has been up to since she last published a post close to two years ago?  Perhaps a short quiz is in order here:
  1. Knuckling under and becoming a Vegetarian herself?
  2. Pampering herself with Pedicures?
  3. Purchasing 477 songs on her iTunes account when she could have illegally downloaded them all for free?
  4. Developing a permanent hematoma on her derriere roughly the the size of the state of Connecticut?
  5. Traveling to pet stores to desensitize herself for her out-of-control animal phobia after a chance encounter with a church mouse?
  6. Reading all 57 books currently downloaded on her Nook - one of which is the COMPLETE works of Charles Dickens?
I think you may just get the picture. . .

And I'm not quite sure that making this blog public again is the most prudent idea.  But I've changed it up a bit. . . erased the posts I don't want you to see. . . given it a catchy new name. . . and prayed that I could sustain it for a while.

So welcome back, dear friends.  Poke around and see the tumultuous hilarity you've missed while I was away.

And laugh with me a little. . .

Always remember to laugh . . .