Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Gettin' Cairn Away

Can't help myself; I'm loving these things!

Perhaps it's an attempt to make order out of a world I can't control.  arrange the capricious.  manage the all-too-fickle and volatile aspects of my life.

Identity theft has struck again and I'm longing for something.

beauty.  simplicity.  contentment.

How does one make a beautiful garden when she is practically confined to her bed?    how do you hear a temple bell in a gentle breeze?  enjoy the gentle light of a candle at night?

Do you know that a study in Japan found that 30 minutes of "forest bathing" had the same effect on subjects as did 30 minutes of meditation?  heart rate slowed.  blood pressure dropped.  contentment increased.  just because they sat in the woods for a half-hour.  What a symbiotic relationship we have with nature!

Place you arms around a tree or bush, but don't touch it.  Leave them about six inches from it's trunk or leaves.  Feel the energy it emits.  This is the meaning behind a true tree hugger.

Yes, I may be getting cairn away.  All because my neighbor recently hung a beautiful sounding wind chime which I hear from my bedroom window while I'm napping or falling asleep at night.

Just cairn away. . .