Wednesday, July 11, 2018

But I Did Everything Right!


I did everything right this morning.

Rose around 8:30 a.m., downed my first two morning medications, sat in the shade in my backyard sipping coffee, said my morning prayers, and then meditated with moist compresses on my eyes.  Why, I even stood guard and prevented the dog from pooping in the yard next door!

I returned back inside and - deciding against my usual carb-heavy breakfast - chose to eat fruit instead.  I then took my other six morning meds, started my essential oil diffuser, soaked in a tepid bath filled with epsom salts and essential oils with spa music playing, drank my low-salt-no-sugar-vitamin-and-electrolyte-water, and stood up.


Dizzy.  Nauseous.  Disgusted.

What happened to the benefits of being around trees?  The sheer goodness of summer nectarines and strawberries?  The detox of epsom salts?  The good karma connected with the dog poop?

All of it down the drain with the bath water.

Could it have been the second cup of coffee consumed while reveling in the fresh morning air?  The fact that my poor gastritis-ridden stomach cannot handle the ingestion of eight morning meds with just fruit?  Could it be that I truly need my morning bagel for medicinal purposes?

I well remember those days long ago; days when, after working long frantic hours, I would long for a day in bed.  Now I can't do enough to get out of it.

There's always tomorrow I suppose. . .