Sunday, December 21, 2008

Conversations with my teenage daughters - Take 5

Okay. . . This one needs to be labeled, After all those years of practically raising her single-handedly, why the heck is my husband the only one she'll talk to???

Sunday evening. . .

Me: How are you coming with those college applications?

Her: Silence

Her Father: Hey, __________ (insert name of any daughter you wish) how are you coming with those college applications?

Her: Great!

Me: And the recommendations from the teachers?

Her: Silence

Her father: And how about those recommendations from your teachers?

Her: Great!

Me to her father in a whisper: (Ask her if she addressed those envelopes . . . .)

Her father to me in a whisper: (What envelopes?)

Me, whispering: (You don't need to know. . . just ask!!!)

Her Father: Did you address those envelopes?

Her: Well, almost!

Her father to me: (She almost did them! That's pretty good, isn't it????)

Me: Well, are you aware of the fact that your old school is now closed for Christmas break and you'll need to get the forms to last year's teachers some other way - because, like I've told you a million-gazillion times before, your applications need to be in the mail before January 1st!!!!!!

Her: Oh!

Her father: (Oh!)

fifteen minutes later. . .

Her: Dad?

Her father: Yes?

Her: How do you spell Admissions Department?

Her father to me: (How do you spell Admissions Department?)