Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Mouse-a-Phobic Exposed!

I want to talk a little bit about "exposure".

You see. . . the exercises in the dreaded book are all aimed at getting the unknowing victim to experience prolonged exposure to a feared animal so that they become desensitized and are no longer afraid.

But even the word "exposure" scares me. . . and it keeps getting all twisted around in my brain.

I think we've established by now that I'm a semi-sane-and-intelligent adult.  And I'm no stranger to words. . . we all know that for sure.  But that blasted word keeps playing tricks on me.

I guess my trouble all comes down to this:  Which preposition is following the word?

Am I exposed "to"?

Or am I exposed "by"?

Because, even though they intend me to be exposed "to" rats and mice by these exercises, I can't help but feel that I'm the one being exposed here. . . that it's me who has placed myself in a vulnerable position and been exposed "by" these exercises.

Not only that. . . I am exposing myself to fear. . . exposing myself to terror. . . and exposing myself to my own internal pain and humiliation.

And it's interesting - is it not -  that the word "exposure" is also associated with having uncovered a certain truth that someone would like to keep hidden.  

And what's more. . . I think one can die of  "exposure". . . can they not?  Yes, I'm quite certain that I've seen it as a cause of demise on a death certificate. . .  the dear deceased died from EXPOSURE. . .

I do not like that word, Mr. Cat.

I think I like the word "desensitization" much better.

'Cause I get that.

I know how not to feel.   In fact, I've made a living out of THAT word.

And I'm almost positive that no medical professional has ever been forced to list "not feeling" as a cause of death. In fact, the term "not feeling" is usually the result of death, not the cause of it.

Case cured. . .