Monday, August 20, 2012

A Troubled Mind; An Ingrown Toenail

I'm not a good judge, really - but you tell me if you think this just might be a sign of a troubled mind. . .

Since we all know that a certain person is afflicted with G.S.D. (Goldilocks Sleep Disorder) she's been known to spend many-a-night tossing and turning in her bed. . .  worrying about when her daughters will be home. . . deriding herself for not making doctors' appointments. .  .wondering if her bladder will hold 'til morning. .  trying to decide whether her hematoma or her ingrown toenail hurt her more. . .

But whatever the initial thoughts upon waking in the wee-hours of the morning, her wandering brain eventually rolls around to the upcoming day - which is, without fail, immediately followed by one overwhelming emotion:


Because first she'll have to shower.  And then make the coffee.  And who else would ever feed or take the dog out?   And chances are she'll have to empty the dishwasher AND get dressed for the day.  Because there's work.  WORK! Ugh!  Now God-forbid she have a meeting.  Or an appointment.  Or a dreaded funeral. . . How will she do it?   It's WORK. .  . all of it!

And if, by chance, she has a dinner with friends or another social engagement planned for the evening hours, she might-as-well just throw those covers over her head right now (making sure the inflamed toe stays outside) and consider calling in sick. . .from the WORK of it all. . .

Can you tell me. . . why must she have KALE in her refrigerator?  She's never tried kale.  But -being that it's there - she just might be forced to cook it.  And from the looks of it, that leafy stuff is going to require washing.  And chopping.  And sauteing.  Ditto with the eggplant.  What's wrong with frozen peas?

Oh, she had better make sure her wine stash is sufficient.

Do you think she can keep letting the dog hobble around like that?  Or do you think that pooch really needs surgery?  'Cause I'm not sure she could bear it if surgery is in order.  First there's the whole PAYING for it thing (and she's always found it best to avoid thoughts of how things are going to be paid for). . . the appointments to make. . .  the inevitable DOING of it. . .

The DOING of it is exhausting.  The THINKING of it even more so.

So why does sleep continue to ellude her?

Why does that damn toenail hurt so much?
And where's that "curist" when a girl needs her????